Family Cycling

From our own holidays as a family, we have built up a long list of things we like (and a longer one of things we don't like) about  the holiday experience from the whole family's point of view. We have used this to make our cycling holidays as welcoming as possible for people travelling with children, and also lots of fun for the children themselves - after all, generally, if they are happy and relaxed, so are the parents!  Below is a list of the features included as standard in all our holidays.

> Bikes

As we believe our holidays are particularly suitable for children, we also have a wide range of options for their transport, so the whole family can enjoy the break.  We have children’s and teen bikes for those who can manage a whole day in the saddle, tagalongs, Trailgators and trailers for the less independent, and for smaller children bike seats suitable from 9 months upwards.

> Accommodation

At l'Epaisse, the bed and breakfast family accommodation comprises a double room with sitting area, a separate bedroom for the children and a bath or shower room with independent access from both bedrooms.

There is also a guest kitchen so if you prefer to eat in on one or more evenings, you have all you need to prepare a home cooked meal.

Finally, at l'Epaisse there are plenty of on-site activities to keep families occupied after a day in the saddle:


  • a large indoor barn with table tennis and table football
  • in the garden there is a trampoline, boules, footballs...
  • a large splash pool
  • a selection of games, cards and puzzles

> Specially designed for families

Our cycling breaks have a choice of route options for each day - from 25km upwards - so you can choose the distance that best suits your family.  The itineraries include plenty of family-friendly attractions and we point out play areas, picnic sites and ice-cream stops along the way.  The cycling is on quiet roads and tracks, often specific way-marked cycle routes. 

For families who prefer a more independent break, in July and August we also offer a 'Cycling Light' holiday.  Running for 5, 6 or 7 nights, you tell us how far you'd like to cycle each day and we'll put together a personalised itinerary for your family.

In addition, for stays of 6 or 7 nights we include one-way transport of you and your bikes (once on 6 night stays, twice for 7 night stays), to allow you to travel further afield without over-stretching your ability.  If you prefer not to cycle all day, every day, we can help you plan a day out in your car, or a shorter half day route...

The price for this break is:

Number of Nights Adult Child
7 nights 990 270
6 nights 890


5 nights 780 200

> Pricing

This has long been our main bugbear on family holidays - the child price seems unfairly expensive compared with the adult price.  So, our pricing keeps the additional cost for bringing your children to a minimum - more fairly reflecting the actual cost to us of providing the extra accommodation, meals and cycling services for them.  

We also charge the same price for our holidays whenever you come - with no extra payment for 'high season'.  We know if you travel at peak times, it will cost you more to get here, but we don't pay more for the services we provide to you then, so we don't add a premium to our holiday prices.

Finally, we charge the child price for children up to the age of 18, where they share family accommodation with 2 adults.


Tailor Made Breaks

Tell us what you would like and let us plan your ideal stay.

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