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When we first planned our cycling holidays in the Loire Valley in 2006, we knew there were many other companies offering the chance to enjoy cycling in France. So we knew we needed to offer something unique and special which would earn our place in the market.

Point-to-point cycling holidays allow guests to see the most of the area – each day, or couple of days, you move on to a different part of the region. But this formula has downsides – you have to ride pre-determined distances between locations, there’s lots of packing and unpacking, and if you reach your new accommodation before your room is ready, you may have to wait for that oh-so-welcome shower. A fixed-base holiday is more relaxing – you can settle in and really get to know your ‘home town’ and your hosts, enjoy your accommodation, and if you want a day 'off',  there’s no need to cycle a certain distance just to reach your bed for the night. But a fixed base reduces the variety of your cycle routes, unless you are prepared to travel long distances.

So the first thing we did was combine the advantages of both options, by offering a fixed-base cycling holiday with some transport of guests and bikes to a start point. That way, our guests see the best of the Loire Valley whilst also feeling at home at their chosen accommodation.

Then we planned a great cycling itinerary – we have lived, worked and cycled here ourselves for 20 years, so know each road, lane and track like the back of our hands. And because we live in the local area we can recommend the best chateaux, cafés and restaurants, picnic spots, local fairs and festivals and great wineries. We use this knowledge to put together a truly flexible itinerary to suit all ages, tastes and abilities -  each day has a longer or shorter option, and often we can adapt these even further. We supply large scale maps, detailed written directions, and a list of the highlights, refreshment points and even toilet stops along your route! 

We are on hand for your whole holiday – we greet our guests in person including a free pick up from the local station, help you settle into your accommodation and surrounding area, ensure the bikes are a great fit and answer any queries you might have. We see you every day to go through your routes, point out the ‘must- sees’ and the easy to miss junctions! When we aren’t actually with you, we are only a phone call away to answer any questions and if we need to come out to you to sort out a problem, we do just that.

We pride ourselves on going that extra mile –as one small example, as well as a puncture repair kit, we include a spare inner tube, latex gloves and handwash so you don’t have to set off again with grimy hands. 

We offer a choice of accommodation – all hand-picked by us with owners that we know personally and can rely on to provide a warm welcome. The properties are carefully chosen to offer our guests an authentic experience of this rural part of France, but still with all modern comforts. We have both bed and breakfast and self-catering options in our range, all simple but charming.  But, if you wish to stay somewhere more elaborate, we can usually find that too.

We also offer a unique ‘weather-proof your ride’ service.  This includes our ability to reverse your route if there’s a strong prevailing wind, so you can sail along with the wind behind you.  If the weather’s unseasonally hot (or cool) we can adjust departure times so you ride in comfortable temperatures. And finally, whilst usually the Loire Valley weather is great for cycling, if we do have an inclement day and you don’t wish to ride, we can convert your day to a non-cycling tour day, so you still see the sights but also keep dry.

All this flexibility and ability to adapt your cycling holiday to fit you, is key to understanding what we offer. Small-scale, knowledgeable and passionate is how we hope you will remember us – if you remember anything other than simply a great, fun cycling holiday in the Loire Valley.

If that's what you're looking for in a cycling holiday - you should choose us.

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