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Why are Loire Valley Breaks cycling holidays unique?

Traditionally, most cycling holidays fall into one of two categories - single centre, or point to point.  On point to point holidays, guests move from one accommodation to another - usually every day or every second day.  This great advantage of this is that by travelling on linear routes, guests get to see a wide variety of sights and scenery over the length of the holiday.  But there are downsides - guests must pack and unpack each day (or live out of a suitcase); if you arrive at the new accommodation before your room is ready, you have to wait to shower and change; and if you feel too tired to ride the set distance one day, too bad - you have to pedal to get to your bed for the night!

On single centre breaks, guests stay in the same accommodation for the length of stay, so you can unpack, settle in and make yourself at home, knowing that you can return from each day's ride and flop onto your bed, take a shower, or grab a cold drink from the fridge, without having to check-in and find your way round a new place. Of course there is a downside to this style of holiday - as each day's cycle ride will start and finish from your 'base', you can choose a shorter ride (or no ride!) if you wish.  But this also means that - unless you are happy to cover long distances - the variety of scenery and sights may be limited and you may not be able to reach the highlights of the area.

Our cycling breaks combine all the advantages of both types of holiday to provide a fun, flexible and unique experience.  Our breaks are single-centre, so you'll stay in one wonderfully welcoming place full of authentic French charm and home comforts. 

And each day you'll have the chance to visit the best sights in the area - world-famous chateaux, historic towns, a local market, ancient cave dwellers homes, family-run vineyards - all whilst cycling at your own pace along delightful country lanes or dedicated cycle route and tracks.  This is possible because we include transport of you and your bikes on some days of your cycling holiday.  This short drive (the journey is no more than about a 30 minute drive) covers much more distance than is possible by bike, so you'll have  plenty of time to enjoy your day's adventures, without having to pedal madly all day or cycle further than is comfortable for you and your group.

We also build in plenty of flexibility; to start with there is at least one option for a short and long route for each day - approximately 25km and 40km - and we can extend this upper limit if you wish.  For guests who prefer more cycling and less 'visiting', you can head straight out from the drop off point, rather than joining in the planned sightseeing, and of course you don't have to tour every chateau and sight you'll pass on your route. If you want a really gentle day, you can either opt for a short 'tootle' locally around your accommodation - we'll supply a tailor-made map for you - or opt to follow the day's itinerary with us transporting you in our vehicle, without cycling at all.  This last option can be very attractive if we have an - unusual - day of heavy rain; it means that we have effectively weather proofed your cycling holiday. 

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