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Our tailor-made Loire Valley tours are exactly that – a customised tour designed just for you – your interests, your timescale and your perfect holiday.  Just tell us your plans and we’ll do the rest. Here are a few ideas of tours we have planned in the past:

A tour for garden lovers. Each day we include at least one visit to a Loire Valley chateau renowned for its outdoor spaces, allowing plenty of time for browsing, photos and enjoying the scenery.

We can mix-and-match our Loire Valley cycling holidays and escorted tours – perfect if you have cyclists and non-cyclists. The cyclists pedal out and we transport the non-cyclists to a rendezvous for everyone to explore together.  Then the cyclists ride home and we transport non-cyclists back in our vehicle.

Loire Valley walking tours -  we have several round trip routes from our base, plus others which start just a short distance away, where we transport you in our vehicle. We provide detailed route maps and notes for each day's walk.

To find out more, or for us to plan your tailor-made tour, click on the button below.

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Tailor Made Tours: Product
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